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Outdoor Buddies membership is FREE. That’s correct, there are no fees to become an Outdoor Buddies member for life – no monthly or annual dues.


In order to participate in Outdoor Buddies programs, participants, disabled or mobile, must complete and submit our general registration form.

Request a Hunt

Participants in Outdoor Buddies sponsored big game hunts must first qualify and obtain a “COLORADO ADA ACCOMMODATION PERMIT”, issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), authorizing the hunter to shoot from a vehicle. It is also suggested that hunters be enrolled in CPW’s Mobility-Impaired Big Game Program; for questions and application form contact CPW at (303) 291-7380.
In addition, each participant must be a registered member of Outdoor Buddies. A signed registration form must have been submitted prior to requesting a big game hunt.

Deer Hunt Registration Form

Elk Hunt Request Form

Pronghorn Hunt Request Form