Shoot From A Vehicle Sight-In

Shoot From a Vehicle Training in Northern Colorado – July 29th, 2023


Event Focus

This event is meant to enable the Outdoor Buddies members and their helpers/guides to practice setting up and taking a shot in the most realistic hunting scenario possible.  This is your chance to build the system that fits you.  While shooting from a vehicle we often use pool noodle rests on windows, bean bags for additional stability, G-Line phone scope adapters and many more tools to prepare for the shot.  Practice makes perfect and this is your chance to build that system for yourself while shooting live ammunition at realistic targets.


Outdoor Buddies members who have been selected for a hunt and their helpers/guides will be given priority for this event.  Other members who have not been selected for a hunt in the current year will be allowed to participate, if they possess a shoot from a vehicle allocation from the State of Colorado.


This will be a “real life” hunting scenario.  You will drive the course and targets will be set out along the course.  When a target is acquired you will need to determine a range and set up for a safe shot.

What to Bring

Bring your hunting kit, including rifle, ammo, rests, and anything else that may help you be successful when out if the field this Fall.  Bring water and snacks.  Outdoor buddies will have refreshments and food to ensure a comfortable afternoon.


This event will be held from 8:00am – 12:00pm on July 29th, 22023- Contact Larry Sanford to register and for directions (970) 218-5356 or email [email protected]