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Deer Hunt Request

Outdoor Buddies Mobility-Disabled Hunting Program

Deer Hunt Request

Outdoor Buddies has limited Deer hunting opportunities. To request a Deer hunt please complete and submit this form.

Requirements & Conditions

  1. Participants in Outdoor Buddies sponsored big game hunts must be registered members of Outdoor Buddies. Registration must have been completed prior to being considered for a big game hunt.
  2. All Colorado hunters must possess a “WILDLIFE RECREATION ACCOMMODATION PERMIT”, issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), authorizing the hunter to shoot from a vehicle. It is also suggested that hunters be enrolled in CPW’s Mobility-Impaired Big Game Program; for questions and application form contact CPW at (303) 291-7380.
  3. Participants are expected to provide their own transportation to/from and during the hunt, unless other arrangements are made in advance, and pay personal expenses including required licenses. Outdoor Buddies will provide a location to hunt and an able-bodied helper/guide.
  4. All Outdoor Buddies sponsored big game hunts are “No Smoking” activities.

If you have met the above requirements and conditions, you should continue reading and complete the request form.

Selection Process

The Outdoor Buddies Big Game Hunt Committee will review all requests received and work with hunt applicants to determine eligibility, plan, and schedule the hunts. Please inform Larry Sanford at (970) 218-5356 if you have not been contacted by the Committee within thirty days after you have submitted a Big Game Hunt Request.

Hunt Locations

Applicants may designate an area where he/she would prefer to hunt, however it may not be possible to schedule that location due to the limited number of opportunities at each hunt location. Shown below is a list of some of the locations where Outdoor Buddies will sponsor big game hunts in the upcoming seasons.


  • Requests received by February 28th will have priority over those received after that date.
  • Note: Please do not apply for a license for requested hunt until your hunt is confirmed.
  • All Outdoor Buddies sponsored big game hunts are “No Smoking” activities.

Deer Hunt Online Request Form

  • The following are mandatory aspects of our hunt request process.  If you are assigned a hunt spot and it’s discovered that you have not completed the following, you will be placed at the end of the waiting list.  Please complete the following before submitting a request.

    If not, please register now. Disabled hunter must be a member of Outdoor Buddies to hunt.
    Do you have a Wildlife Recreation Accommodation Permit from CPW, which allows you to shoot from a vehicle?  Please Note: The WILDLIFE RECREATION ACCOMMODATION PERMIT issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) allows the hunter to shoot from a vehicle and authorizes the hunter’s helper to track and dispatch wounded animals, etc. It is absolutely critical to the Outdoor Buddies program.

    Disabled hunter must possess this accommodation to hunt. If you do not have a Wildlife Recreation Accommodation Permit, Apply Here
  • The following does not change your chances at hunting, it simply gives more information to prepare you and Outdoor Buddies for your hunt the best that we can:

    We highly recommend applying to this program. Apply Now
  • Please Note: Hunts are scheduled for the disabled hunter and one companion only. Outdoor Buddies is not responsible for transportation, food, or lodging.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.